We’re always looking for ways to help the planet and be more eco-friendly. Did you know your behaviour can make all of the difference? Below, we’ve compiled 4 tips to help your laundry become more eco friendly.

Keep Cool

Did you know that 75% of the energy used for laundry goes into heating the water? You can save energy usage by 40% by washing at 30 degrees (compared to 40 degrees).

Your clothes will love it too, as washing in cooler temperatures helps clothes hold their shape and colour.

Get the lint out of your load

Clear the lint filter after each load. Increasing air circulation in your dryer allows it to work faster, wasting less electricity.

Pile high

Don’t waste energy by washing half-loads. It’s much less efficient as the cycle is still using the energy for a full load. But don’t overfill it either! Leave a gap as big as your fist from the top of the laundry to the top of the drum.

Cleaner and greener

When choosing a laundry detergent, try finding products that are kinder to the planet. Choose eco-friendly detergents, they are free from harsh and potentially harmful ingredients, and they are just as effective. You can help out a little bit more by choosing biodegradable detergents and packages made from recycled plastic.